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Feelings    For That Special Someone   
By: Crystal Michelle Wallace    
"The first day we met
I felt butterflies, ..."
I fell for you    Love Between Friends   
By: Mimi Henninger    
"When I first met you
I didn?t know what to do. ..."
My One    The Power of Love   
By: Cassandra Wilhoit    
"You are my one, you are my only.
When you are not here I Cry ..."
Untitled    Love Declared   
By: Christina Mitzelfelt    
"My heart jumps everytime I look at you.
Even more when you look at me. ..."
a heart    Love Declared   
By: cristeena L. cristeena garcia    
" a heart that'll love you for everything you are,
love you in your dark times as well as your light. ..."
My Love, My Life    The Power of Love   
By: Angelina Moore    
"Darkness fills my eyes, my sight,
Like the dark sky on a cloudy night. ..."
Close Your Eyes and Tell Me You Love Me    The Power of Love   
By: Chariss    
" Close your eyes
{whispering} I love you ..."
I Never    For That Special Someone   
By: Paige Talley    
"I never saw...
Until I looked into your eyes ..."
I think    Love Declared   
By: Jake A Maresh    
"I think it's amazing how you take the time
Just to tell me you love me and tell me goodnight. ..."
Tell me    Love Displayed   
By: Johnny Dale Brown    
"Tell me of your fantasies, your dreams.
They will be my visions. ..."
Love things    Love Remembered   
By: dyanna grateroles    
"What kind of things do you think?
How does this relationship seem? ..."
My best friend    Love Between Friends   
By: CJ Kelley    
"A friend like you is so hard to find,
so tender, so sweet, so gentile and kind. ..."
Sweet Regrets    The Pains of Love   
By: Justine Andrade    
"I regret the first time
We kissed ever so passionately. ..."
Will you walk with me??    Love and Betrayal   
By: Laura Lee Trinkline    
"Can we talk awhile?
Will you take my hand? ..."
My Love    Love Described   
By: Anthony Joseph Lapadula    
"You took my heart
with only a single glance. ..."
LOVE SHALL GO ON...    Love Apart   
By: Alisha G. Ghent    
"Sweet voices and sweet whispers
soft touches and soft kisses, ..."
What If    Love and Death   
By: Sarah Ann Struszczyk    
"What if tomorrow never appears?
What if I start drowning in my tears? ..."
Why?    Love Withdrawn   
By: Beloved    
"My eyes are opened, aren't they?
So why can't I see? ..."
Cherish    Love Remembered   
By: Shannon Leigh Cates    
"Lacy dresses, sweet-smelling roses,
sparkling champagne and bitter-sweet chocolate. ..."
Love Of My Life    For That Special Someone   
By: Collette Joy Mancini    
"The first time I saw you was like a dream
You made my heart soar and my smile gleam ..."
Michael    Love Between Friends   
By: don't you wish you knew?    
"You are my angel,
sent by God above, ..."
Where's my time?    The Pains of Love   
By: donnie paschall    
"You have time for me when no one's there.
But I'm still here when you're down or need to share, ..."
I dream of you...    Love Declared   
By: Kevin Lee Coats    
"I dream of you when I sleep...
with all of my love which has grown so deep. ..."
If Only    Love and Doubt   
By: MARY none PARKER    
"If only we could have our dreams
If only it could be ..."
Love song    Love Described   
By: Timothy Burstall    
"Some say love is blind
quite unkind ..."

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