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The Best Of Friends    Love Between Friends   
By: Cate Haggland    
"We've been friends
Throughout the years, ..."
Best Friend    Secret Love   
By: Valerie Jane Presley    
"I can't believe
What I'm feeling. ..."
Hear Me While I Tell You This    The Power of Love   
By: Carlos A. Rendon    
"Hear Me While I Tell You This
Because This Is How I Feel ..."
Longing for Your love    Love and Death   
By: Scott    
"It?s been one year since I heard your voice
One year since I felt your touch ..."
Black is the night    Suicide   
By: Morne van der Merwe    
"Black is the night you left me in
Bad is the sin you create within ..."
No Turning Back    Love Declared   
By: Aquaiz17    
"We are at the point where there's no turning around.
through all the good times and bad, ..."
My Best Friend    Love Between Friends   
By: Sarah Anne Whittington    
"You're always there when I need you most
Either when I'm happy, sad, or mad ..."
Stolen Heart    The Power of Love   
By: Meghan (the future poet)    
"I wish I never met you
and never experienced your charm, ..."
To Be    About a Loved One   
By: chris amick    
"You stole my heart,
and made me care, ..."
I'm In Love With Three    Love and Family   
By: Kelly Kathleen Howard    
"I'm in love with three,
now how can that be? ..."
LOVELESS FRUIT    Love Fantasy   
By: Sandra Cecka    
"You are an apple
I am an orange ..."
Amores de Diablo: Me    Love Triangle   
By: Y Juki    
"You steal the focus from my tasks.
You've got my mind detatchable. ..."
When we met    The Power of Love   
By: kairi killing    
"the day you called me
the night we talked ..."
For Her    Love Apart   
By: Ryan Klosicki    
"Girl, I know you don't have a man
and you know I don't have a girl ..."
Love Letter    Love and Forgiveness   
By: Yosy M    
"I knew this guy who showed me love
He stood by me... just because ..."
Please don't look at me    Love Past   
By: Angelica Jeppsson Diaz    
"Your eyes see through me
And you make me feel so low ..."
The Love I Had, and Have!    New Love   
By: Erica Ann Reed    
" The Boy I loved is broken in two
He shares love not for me but now for you ..."
Last Words    The Pains of Love   
By: Scarlet Hunter    
"My love for you once so tender and so strong
The days go by and I think less and less of you ..."
The Perfect Kiss    Secret Love   
By: Leandra Lynn Young    
"A kiss is everything!
You want it to be a memory, ..."
Come Tomorrow, Slow Then    Love Apart   
By: John Joseph Thyne III    
"When time has passed, as time most surely will,
And today's seed towers among the trees, ..."
You are My Inspiration    The Power of Love   
By: Melissa Landsman    
"You are my inspiration
My joy and my sorrow ..."
I LOVE YOU ALL I CAN    Love Declared   
By: William Thomas Kinsey    
"Will I live to see tomorrow?
who knows, I cannot say; ..."
Life of Her Own    Suicide   
By: Sabrina Irizarry    
"She searched the house
From left to right ..."
Six Underground    Love Past   
By: Joanna Christine Lewis    
"Oh, the way you made me feel,
the way you'd gently lay me down. ..."
Scared to Commit    Love and Fear   
By: Dana Rain    
"I really do like you
and I really do care ..."

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