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I Need To Be Loved By You    The Need to be Loved   
By: Samantha Bastianini    
"Can I be loved by you,
If so, can it be true? ..."
I let you in...but why????    Love Past   
By: Kimberly Finley    
"I opened my heart and let you in,
To a part deep inside of me, ..."
Without You    Love Past   
By: Christina R. Jones    
"I'd do a thousand things for you,
But I can't do anything without you. ..."
Hiding Love    Love Fantasy   
By: Brittany L. Mulac    
"My love for you is hard to explain
So here I am to express my pain ..."
THE ONE YOU USED TO LOVE    Entrapped by Love   
By: INY NU_INY    
Untitled    New Love   
By: Amber Pugh    
"What am I supposed to do when I see you standing there?
I just can't help but stare ..."
WHY    Love and Doubt   
lost in the shadows    The Pains of Love   
By: jamie l olsen    
"i am darkened in a world of light.
surrounded by shadows and cold delight. ..."
I Want You More And More    For That Special Someone   
By: Dorian Petersen Potter    
"I look at you and I want you more
You are the only one that I adore ..."
The Dream    Love Fantasy   
By: Roydon Joseph Angeles Padua    
"As I lay, I think of you
I fall asleep, dream of you ..."
Worried Sick    Love and Fear   
By: Frances Herlinda Alonzo    
"The night I almost lost you,
I realized you were the one. ..."
Lies..    Love and Betrayal   
By: Unica Hija    
" It is, indeed, hard to know a man who tells the truth
from one who utters a lie. ..."
The Girl Of My Dreams    Love Discovered   
By: David P Carroll    
"The Girl Of My Dreams,
She is truly beautiful. ..."
B*tch    The Need to be Loved   
By: Yogi Luver    
"I feel alone in my own secret world
thoughts and feelings soon to be hurled ..."
I Thought it Was You    The Pains of Love   
By: Cameron Bryan Wilson    
"I thought it was you
when I first looked into your eyes, ..."
The Untouchable    The Pains of Love   
By: kenny    
"In a world which seems so beautiful
You are all I hold dear ..."
Love At First Sight    The Power of Love   
By: Cynthia Rose Lopez    
"I never believed in love at first sight;
Now I tell you, never say never. ..."
Forget    Love Past   
By: Melissa Lizel Martinez    
"Forget me before you fall in love with her
Forget me the girl that works at the mall ..."
Giving In To The Pain, Still In Love    Love Past   
By: Alyssa Anne Vitry    
"Why is it that I can?t stop thinking of you?
The way that you held me or kissed me. ..."
In More Ways Than One    Love Remembered   
By: Lynda Michelle Knight    
"In more ways than one,
I fell in love with you... ..."
The Tainted Flower    Love and Hate   
By: Tina Marie Holt    
"Can't you visualize what I have the power to see?
I've been stripped of the knowledge you stole from me. ..."
Pondering    Future Love   
By: Damon Armour    
"Pondering such deep thoughts
As though I'm caught ..."
In My Mind I See Him    Love Apart   
By: Erin Elizabeth Beharry    
" In my mind I see him
and my lips long to touch ..."
Meant To Be    The Pains of Love   
By: AnOnYmOuS OnE    
"I met you through a friend,
She was so in love with you. ..."
love for the lady of night    Love Fantasy   
By: Quentin Alexander the great    
"i want to kiss your lips
and move your hips ..."

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