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Is It Wrong?    Unrequited Love   
By: Erick Seprado Librada    
"Things happened so suddenly,
If Someone You Love...    Love and Family   
By: Kristina Amaya    
" If someone you love goes away
People tell you it's okay ..."
The girl you once knew~    Love and Parting   
By: Norma a~k~a Nena    
"The girl you once knew
Is no longer herself... ..."
Missing You    Love and Death   
By: KMD    
"You touched so many hearts and lives
with just a simple smile. ..."
This Girl    Love Fantasy   
By: Ed Aboud    
" This Girl
There's this girl, ..."
TRUE LOVE    Love Declared   
Love Afar    Love Apart   
By: Lois Ann St.Pierre    
"I wonder a lot
about the world. ..."
sorry    Love and Family   
By: Yesenia N/A xoricanshorteox    
"When i look at u
i jus wanna cry ..."
SUMMERTIME IN JANUARY    For That Special Someone   
By: Laurie Ann Lane    
"In the subfreezing temperatures of my life
You shone by removing my frostbite ..."
For Some Reason...    The Pains of Love   
By: Katrina L. Ordway    
"For some reason, I can't get myself to get over you.
For some reason, I can't tape up my heart and find someone new. ..."
Memories Of You    Love Remembered   
By: Jessica Murphy    
"It's like...
I can still feel you ..."
the love game    Love Remembered   
By: rachel l shirley    
"Why is it when you love somebody so much
It's their lives you can't even touch? ..."
WHY, DREAH, WHY    Love and Hate   
By: SMC123    
Too Late    Suicide   
By: Daniel Tracy (godoftheunderworld)    
"As I lie right on my bed,
Visions of you dance in my head. ..."
Long Distance    Love Remembered   
By: Ryan David Smith    
"You are so beautiful
of what i can see ..."
Itz not fair    Love Apart   
By: Melissa Ann Snyder    
"I like u so much.....
I think about you day and night.... ..."
GIFT SO RARE    Love Described   
By: Ginger Carlisle    
"The joy, the love, the need, the longing desire,
filled my heart, my soul, my being with burning fire. ..."
broken heart    Love Past   
By: thomas e willmann    
"How can you mend a broken heart,
when she is still there holding a big part? ..."
I Will Always Need You    The Pains of Love   
By: Alison Hutton    
"I will always need you
You are part of who I am ..."
Goodbye    Suicide   
By: sara marie martinez    
"I thought I was loved, I thought I was cared for,
But little did I know, I was disliked a bit more. ..."
Good bye    Love and Death   
By: Pamala Kay Juka-Wilson    
"These days a black cloud always follows me,
everywhere I go ..."
My Angel    Love Remembered   
By: angela lynn foschino    
"She was there
for only a short time. ..."
My Future Vows    The Power of Love   
By: Dimplez Jackson    
"I promise to honor and cherish your love
I want to make you happy and treat you ..."
Don't Care    Love Past   
By: Tonese Rene Reed    
"I think it's funny
The way you played me ..."
How Can I    The Pains of Love   
By: Amber Keri Tuttle    
"How can I tell you
How much you mean to me? ..."

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