Love Don't Listen When You Call

By: Miriam M. Wynn

Deny me,
This you do without fail,
While you know I ache for you,
And desire your

Pay me some mind–
I blindly adore you–
Forgetting that I am
Equally aware of your flaws–

Respect this
Love I have for you–
Love is no trifle,
And it may harm you.

I will not nip at your heels like a dog;
I'm no puppy, tail between my legs;
I love you but I'm not
If you hurt me I won't
Forgive . . .

You continue to refuse me
The one thing I want;
I ache for your body
And I am forbidden to touch you;
You are so cruel to me, Baby;
So cruel, but I still love you–
But deny Love,
And she won't hear you
When you call . . .

Give me a chance, bBaby;
For even a moment, Baby;
Be brave enough to test these waters,
These warm and dangerous waters;

Are you man enough for love, Sugar,
Can you meet this lady's challenge;
Can you hear Love singin' to you,
Right here in the dark,
Singin' the blues right in your ear?
Oh, baby . . .

Are you afraid of the dark, honey?
Do you need someone to hold you . . .

Can you stand the power of love, Lover?
Are you a coward,
Must you deny?
But you should never deny love, Sugar,
For she don't listen if you snub her,

She won't listen when you call . . .