For Neil

By: Fire Leo Princess

I guess you've been wondering
what's been on my mind.
All alone in my head,
I have been silently... sublime.

I've been weighing my emotions,
both fear and love.
As well as unsurpassed devotions
from you, and above.

I look around at
a different today.
Time, place, love.
Will this dream fade away?

I know I have caused you
great concern
by pondering things...
Things I don't know if I've learned.

Things like trust and true love...
Do they exist only in my mind,
or are they like a flight free dove,
held only by time?

Should I trust these things
which have failed me before?
Should I just walk away
from the one I adore?

Can I leave all comfort
and familiarity behind?
Can I depend on this,
This heart of mine....