When we shall arrive

By: Perry Anthony Lyte

My queen, when we shall arrive at the place called,
i am yours and you are mine

I shall build you a palace.
My wisdom shall be the foundation
on which you shall walk
as my kindness serves as the pillars
on which you can lean.

The walls I shall build from my love
as my favor serves as the roof which shall shelter you.
My hands you shall use as your covers
as my shoulders serve as your pillows.

My eyes shall be as the guards
that over see your safety
as my ears serves as your faithful servants
unto whom you shall speak
and they in return shall fulfill your every request.

Oh, I shall build you a palace, my beloved,
where my legs shall be as your chairs
as my lips serves as your drinking vessels
out of which you drink your aged wine,
the wine which is my kiss I shall freely render unto you.

The comfort of my arms shall be the heat
which shall comfort you in times of cold.
My darling this shall be the palace
which I shall build for you
when we arrive at place called
I am yours and you are mine...