bitter lie

By: whitney Allison Byrd

Letting go, moving on
from the words you said to me.
Pick'n up my broken heart.
Forgetting the pain you didn't see!

You looked at me
And said you deserve so much better than this!
Believing every word,
letting go of the feelings I'll miss.

You told me I was beautiful.
To let go and open up to a real man!
Taking all ur words for granted,
this pain you don't understand!

You held me all night long.
You texted me, "I miss you honey!"
You know my situation.
And knew right now I didn't have the money!

I'm not some easy target,
that would give it to you right away,
since I didn't give you the chance,
you don't look my way!

I hate the fact you said, "I'll never hurt you!
You can always stay with me!"
Actions spoke louder than words,
you lied, don't you see?

Every word I said to you,
was true from the start.
The only BS were the words you lied about
that broke my heart.

So, here I am, yet again,
broken and torn.
The warmth of your blanket
has been tattered and worn.

So, I'll let it be...
It's your heart I couldn't win,
should’ve known that kiss meant good-bye!
I'm walk'n away now from this bitter lie!