So close yet so far

By: Ian Wen

The last gaze at the station
that ended it all
like a stab,
a twinge.
it pierced through my heart
and, without warning
the sharp pang of emptiness sears my mind.
I walked back alone
silently lost amidst the humdrum of street-life,
thinking in solitude.

The love story is an interlocking series of episodes,
of unexpected feelings-
anxiety, relief, anticipation, disappointment,
impulsiveness, restrain, ecstasy, melancholy.
interwoven and etched
into the fabric of our identities,
our memories, our heads.
We feel each other's presence
within a heartbeat.

So close, so close- too close
within so short a timeframe
and yet the year is closing in,
priorities are clear and unforgiving.
Three days and three nights
of absolute bliss
slipped by and vanished
without notice.
your scent still faintly noticeable;
your smile still in my mind.
A strand of hair lying nakedly in bed-
and, yet, it is no more.
it is no more.

When days turn into nights
and dawns blend into dusks
will you think of me once in a while?
when the cold chill of winter
melts into the fabric of spring;
when the scorching summer takes over
and leaves autumn waiting earnestly in line-
will we be together?
will we hold hands again?