It has finally Came to be

By: Michael Arthur Rost

I slowly walk through the dark, being as careful as I can be
Not knowing what will happen or knowing what I will see
My heart is very heavy and tears cloud my eyes
My whole body aches and I just want to die

All my hopes and dreams have suddenly come to an end
I have nothing left to live for- not even one good friend
There is no light to guide me, not even a star above
So, why go on with my life when there is no one left to love

A stream formed from my tears is flowing by my side
Caused by my sorrow that I can no longer hide
Love has beat me down, leaving me a hopeless dream
And all my luck I had- has all drowned in the stream

I walk over to a rock that is lying by a tree
Slowly bending over and then down on my knee
I pray to God to help me in all my pain and sorrow
I ask him for his help, to give me a better tomorrow

A day where I can live, knowing what I had
A special time to remind me, a day that won’t be sad
I once loved an angel that was sent from heaven above
An angel that was surely my one and only true love

Someone that cared for me, no matter how bad it seemed
Someone that stood beside me and wanted to share my dreams
When I felt blue she reached out and took ahold of my hand
And held it along side me, as we walked on through the sand

But this day has finally come and you chose to let me go
But before you walk away there is something I want you to know
I will love you forever in my heart; this I tell you is true
Because the best day in my life was the day that I met you

Thank you for loving me as you did over the past few years
And taking ahold of my hand and guiding me through my fears
The time I shared with you was the best I will ever see
A time of warmth and happiness, because you were with me

I still wish we could work it out and forget about the past
Because, if another chance was given I would truly make it last
So, good-bye, my love, I will miss you more than you’ll ever know
So, go ahead and spread your wings and have a chance to grow