Our Home

By: Crisanto G Agtani

Your memories linger around the home
We built together. There are so many empty spaces
That hold onto the shadow of where you used to be.
I can still hear your voice and laughter. I can
Still see you sitting on that chair,
Smiling at me. I can still smell the scent of your hair,
The touch of your skin, reminisce upon the touching
Of our lips -- there are so many things in here
That remind me of you -- how can I forget?

As God rewrites the lines of our lives,
I secretly want to hold onto your hands, so that
Our past may be the present once again.
That I may hear the laughter echo
Through the walls where our photographs were hung.

As tears run down my face, I remember the dew
On the leaf each morning that I had you
By my side... and the blue sky...
the tender breeze... our happy moments.

But, how can that sky turn so dark so quickly?
I didn’t hear the thunder crashing each time
The clouds collided. Now, the breeze is a strong wind,
Destroying everything. And in its heart is the home
We built together. Why can’t I do anything?