By: jewel spears

A smile,
A look,
A sweet word I took,
to heart. I did and only to find
it was myself and I was blind.
No love for me was ever there
not from that smile
or daring stare.
The sweet word was just that,
a word and no more.

Now I realize my mistake.
My mind is now a blank.
To find what is really love,
when to know an angels sent from above.
When to take serious
what comes my way,
if not I will hurt yet another day.

This may be hard,
For I have been blind.
I know not what games
do play in my mind.
I have to learn not to take flirting
to heart or once again I will fall apart.

So look my way without fear
I know now you were never here.
Only in my mind, I took
that one sweet word
that smile, that look.