My dream

By: Said Said Ouabich

Is it a reality or just my dream?
Asa is the strawberry over the cake
High, beautiful, and sweeter than the cream

The first time I saw her
My heart turned into a stream
To a source of love
To a field of emotions which are extreme

From the first time that she came
She brought up happiness,
And broke the sorrow frame
So that's why her heart becomes my aim

She is the loveliest football player
So I asked her to make a team
To defend my rights to kiss
Her terrific cheek
And to achieve the ultimate fame

They say that she is from Sweden
But I am sure that she is from heaven
A charming angel, seductive and innocent
She is warmer than the sun beam
and hotter than the fire flame

She is a rose
I am asking her to be her unique stem
And allow the letters S,A,I and D
To join her magical name

The other women start to scream
They want me to write them a poem
They are beautiful, they claim
But my answer was crystal clear:
When you have a love stream
And feelings labelled extreme
And just three letters composing a magical name,
Then I can write you a poem

Suddenly they shut up and stopped the scream
They know that it is an impossible dream
An impossible dream
An impossible dream
An impossible dream