By: ankita - pugalia

it hurts to know that someone you love loves someone else.
it hurts to know someone you care for, cares more for someone else.
what were my weak points, where did my love go wrong?
i love him much more, more than the tune of a sweet, sweet song.

when he talks about another girl, why does my heart fill with pain?
why am i jealous, when it's nothing... nothing related to my loss or gain?
why do i cry listening to his voice?
why do i choose him when people ask for my choice?

why don't i choose other options than hanging around with him?
why do i feel bright in his presence; why does his absence make me dim?
why do thoughts of him take me to dreamland?
why does his touch work like a magic wand?

i always think this, but i never find any answer to my querries.
will he tell me, please, what are the reasons for my worries?
why do i want to go out for a drive with him?
when he says goodbye, why do my legs become limp?

why can't i bear the pain of parting with him?
why do i feel confused while talking to him?
why do i feel a light in his eyes, light that gleams!
why do i feel bright in his presence, why does his absence make me dim?

why is my mind always with him?
why is he always with me?
i love him so very much... can you people really, really see?