The First Time

By: Brittany M Nason

I fell in love for the first time...
It was the best nine months of my life.
Tryin to hold on, but to me the feeling was wrong.
You told me everything, even cried in front of me.
But still I could see, you were too good for me.
I told you things, some not true,
Others right just in a different light.
I thought if I told you, I'd lose you,
I was just totally in love with you.
Now I see what I have done, after all that kind of love and fun,
I always become afraid, so I run.
We never see each other anymore
You stopped calling, so I moved on.
Still thinking about the times we shared,
I wish it was you standing here.
Till I found out you found someone new,
It broke my heart to hear it, and not from you.
Your friend had told me.
Then one time, you called to tell me some good and bad news.
So of course I asked you.
You told me no, but I didn't believe...It wasn't true.
If only you would have told me, it wouldn't be through.
A few days later I saw you for the first time.
You came to our school,
Going against the guys in a weightlifting duel.
I could see and hear your friends talking
So I just talked to my friends and new boyfriend.
I talked to the one who had lied,
To you and to me and it hurt inside.
He said, "hi", and you wouldn't even say good-bye,
Till I had the courage to say, "hey."
We talked a little, then we kissed, just a little peck on the lips.
Now we talk almost everynight,
And I can't believe it, it feels so right.
Almost everytime I look at a man
I can't help but to see and think...
there I wish is where you stand.
I've lost you and I know
At least we are friends and I hope it shows.
All I want is for you to be happy
And I just want you to know,