By: Michelle Elaine Morningstar

Why do you haunt my dreams?
Why does your memory linger in my heart?
Why are you still here?
Yet like a disease, stubbornly you hang on

You continue to stay locked into my heart, into my mind,
Beseeching me, calling to me, taunting me,
Your voice echoes in my ears every once in a while
I made a life with someone else...

It is his name, not yours, that I call in the dark
From the deep recesses of my subconscious mind- you speak.
You have no control over me.
You hold not my heart, my body or my mind- still I am captive.

My body remembers you vividly,
The havoc you wreaked,
Your careless actions and thoughtless words
...You robbed me of the most basic sense of security

The love of my life has tried to mend
The shattered, tattered helpless creature that you made me
I am not a fragile thing
That can be tossed about in a capricious wind...

I have forgiven you, I have moved on...
So please set me free.
Stop haunting my dreams,
Stop lingering in my heart...

I feel nothing for you...
My wounds have healed...
I don’t want your memory,
Or your hostility either…

You are not a part of my life,
You are not a part of me…
I am no longer under your spell...
I am free.