Away From My Angel

By: Trenten Daniel Miller

Her bright smile, and gleaming eyes,
flowing hair, the sweet melody of her angelic voice.
All these wonderful things combined together,
plus a beautiful heart, a deep soul,
and a creative mind...
such perfection.

When we talk, I am caught in her eyes.
I try so hard to look deep within her heart and soul,
trying to see what may cause her heart sorrow,
so that I might be able to mend the torn pieces.
Looking... searching, for the things that bring her joy,
that I might be able to bring that shining smile to her face.

To be apart from her breaks me in two,
tears fill not only my eyes, but my heart also.
I can't wait to hold her again,
to wrap her so tightly in my arms
with a promise that will never be broken.
A promise to always love her, unconditionally, forever.

One day we will unite again,
I will hold her tightly, comforting her.
Two souls made one again, completing the puzzle.
This is love to me.