Without looking back

By: Sheyla Diaz

It all started on one beautiful day,
It was bright and sunny in the month of May.
A "miracle birth" I was pronounced,
I weighed 3 pounds and one ounce.
The only survivor I had,
Was my scared and angry dad.
Complications were the cause,
For my moms life to go on pause.
The bleeding was immense,
The surgery was intense.
A couple months went by,
Time never seemed to fly.
Her heart slowed down a bit,
Then, finally it quit.
None of the doctors blamed me,
For this childhood tragedy.
But, in his mind it was all my fault,
For her life to come to a sudden halt.
For the first 15 years I was black and blue,
If he had no belt, he'd use a shoe.
The next year on the anniversary of her death,
Which caused this misery,
His heart contained with rage,
Busted out of its small cage.
He inflicted pain on me,
With a stick pulled off a tree.
Hit by hit he hurt me more and more,
I was desperately unable to crawl out the door.
Then he swung one big stroke,
After that he was desperate in a choke.
My hands had grasped his big thick neck,
I prayed to God he'd go straight to heck.
At last it was over with one last smack,
And I slowly let go... without looking back.