Just You

By: Michael Kevin Simon

It's just You, when you smile
your eyes, lighting up with clouds of glory
seeing your face light up with life
the way your eyes dance when we smile at each other
it's just the way we bond together

it's just you, when you talk
the movement of your hands
the way your lips move as you express your thoughts
the sound of your voice making sweet music
your laughter filling the air, infecting us
with its sweet sultriness

it's just you, when you walk
drawing our eyes to your movements
the sweet swaying of your hips
the swing of your hands,
the way we brush against each other

it's just you, when you hold me
the way your hands spread across mine
each touch sending fire flowing through my soul
each second, a lifetime of passions to come
the feeling of you standing beside me
fills my heart with blissful delight

It's just you, when you are happy
the echoes of pleasure ringing out through the air
the universe rejoicing in you

it's just you when you cry
to hear your voice broken up with emotion,
to see the teardrops slide down your face
your heart filled with heartache
your soul resonating with rage

it's just you, when I see you there thinking
staring somewhere out into space
just you when we're both quiet
the silence filling the sky
with its unbearable refrain

no matter the day, the time, the hour
no matter the reasons for the mood swings
no matter what others may think about you
at the end of the day
there is only one thing that matters
all of these emotions
make YOU...