By: Yuvi

Though the world may separate us this once,
as thousands of miles stretch across-
distance doesn't mean being apart
be sure, you've always been in my heart

My heart takes a leap
and it never misses to skip a beat
and you keep running through my mind
Wherever you go, whatever you do

No one can ever separate me from you
The feeling has stretched beyond years
It has been denied but it has never died

Much water has flown under the bridge
But i stand on the edge of time
Waiting for you to put your hand into mine

I have taken a part of you with me
as through life's journey I wend
You know not-I've taken along
your memories to cherish
to kindle the warmth in my life
Even you can't take them away
nor can anyone else
because they are my lifestrings...

I see you now
as if we were never apart
You were, you are
and you always will be
an undeniable piece of my heart.