My Heart

By: Ashley Lynette Burks

When you left me I was mad.
Every day and night my heart was sad.
You made my heart cry, you made my insides wet
I could feel the tears from my heart run down like sweat.
You turned all my smiles into a frown.
It felt like the days of my life were counting down.

But I didn't want my life to end.
I wanted us to make up and start all over again.
But that didn't seem like it was gonna happen
Because after we broke up you started capping.
You even got you a new girlfriend.
(Man, I couldn't wait for y'all relationship to end!)
Then y'all broke up and split apart
That's when I said "Forget that!
I got to have you back in my heart."

I felt so right but I knew it was wrong
but the love I felt for you was just too strong.
Now that I have you back I promise I will never let you go.
I will never let you leave me and walk out another door.

Now that we're back together
I promise I'll treat you 100% better.