By: Angel Zawahri

Its like me against the world,
No one is there to give you comfort.
Life seems so empty, you're all alone!
You want someone to care, but no one is ever there.

Sitting in your room, you stare at the wall,
Thinking, wondering why you're all alone,
Then tears began to fall!
You just want to be taken in, affection shown.

Look around, the room seems to shrink.
You have friends just a phone call away,
But your lover is not there, so your heart sinks.
Emotions flare, the day then turns to night.

You lay there and wonder where they are,
Are they thinking about you?
Then you get lonely 'cause maybe they're not.
You want to call but don't want to bother.

You miss them so much, yearn for their touch.
Then you start to fall asleep
With them in your dreams
'Cause in your dreams you can reunite.