All For My Love

By: Icyheart

You are my world ~ without you I am nothing.
You make me smile ~ without going that extra mile.
If it were not for you ~ I would not have the will to continue.
You are my rock, my crutch ~ I love you so much.

You are my thoughts,
My dreams ~ my plans for tomorrow.
When I am not around you
My world is dark ~ my only light comes from you.

I miss you all the time ~ I wish I could kiss you now.
You are my bright and shining star ~ you light up my night even from afar.
I love you with all I have to give ~ you are my one reason to live.
You have picked me up more than once ~ your touch always makes me feel new.

When we make love ~ it is like floating high above.
When you whisper in my ear ~ I know I have nothing to fear.
You are close at hand ~ and life is so grand.
Upon me, you have placed your brand ~ my heart, you hold in your hand.

Upon my life you have placed ~ a door edged by lace.
Thru that door- one day I will transcend
There will be more love there ~ than we can apprehend.
It will be a love so true and warm ~ our lives it will transform.

Your touch ignites my soul ~ my heart, is in your full control.