miles away

By: Stephanie A Lujan-Hernandez

I wanna be there for you and be your wife.
You're more than a lover to me you're my life.
Even though it has been two long years
it has only made my love for you even stronger.
I don't really wanna wait any longer.
I still remember your eyes and your sexy smile
that's what keeps me going for a good while.
I can't wait till we're back together and I can finally see
that guy I fell in love with who made my heart skip a beat.
I wanna take care of you when you're sick.
I wanna be your one and only chick.
Even though we're miles apart,
you're here close to me in my heart.
Promise me that your love for me is really real,
because a heartache is the last thing I wanna feel.
Teddy, I could make this poem go on and on,
because my feelings for you are really strong.
But never forget your girl that's missing you every day
that would never purposely hurt you in any way.