Deep Down Inside

By: Jessica Ann Jacob

i knew something was wrong
i just couldn't figure out what was gone
i started to feel like i was in a hole
trying to find the feeling that you stole

walking around in the dark
looking for just one spark
even though it is in the past
i still search for it fast

i want to know what really happened
and will there ever be an end
and end to my ponders
i am in a constant wander

i dream about it at night
it seems that i have to fight
as i fight, it burns into my mind and heart
i must try to make a new start

then walking in town one day
i stopped and heard someone say
"just forgive and forget
and answers you will get"

and now on this day
i go on to say
i still wonder
though only when listening to thunder

but it is a fact
that if you think about what happened
it will only make it worse
and then you take the wrong course

so take these words i give
and try to forget!!