Darkness Of My Dreams

By: Freddy Juarez Marmolejo

In the emptiness of my embrace
Deprived forever of such heavenly grace
Thrives a longing- never to be filled
A longing, yearning to succumb and yield

In the chasms of my mind
Trapped forever until the end of time
Lingers a thought- never to be heard
A thought filled with hope and silent words

In the inner confines of my soul
Imprisoned forever to be never told
Roams a prayer- never to be spoken
A prayer of silence never to be broken

In the empty corners of my heart
Condemned forever until Heaven falls apart
Dwells a wish- never to come true
A wish dying to be heard... by you

In the darkness of my dreams...
thrives a longing...
lingers a thought...
roams a prayer...
dwells a wish... for you