Stronger Than Life

By: Avery Robertson

I wondered why,
if he loved me in the way
I wanted to be loved,
day by day,
why would he leave me
in the way he did?

If the wind changes
from soft to wild,
and the oceans
run from flowing to roaring,
why didn't we love
and fight
...and still exist?

Why didn't he try?
was it so hard
to look me in the eye
to say, "good-bye?"
Were there too many walls
over too long a time
standing between us,
that love could never break?

I wonder why my skin
keeps its own memories
that I can't shut down.
Like my mind and heart,
they live with me every day,
reminding me that love
doesn't last
and isn't stronger than life.

do you still
remember me?