By: Michael Bradford Sutphin

I’ve lost all faith in parents.
I’ve lost all faith in friends.
There isn’t anyone to turn to.
Tell me what love is again?

I don’t have any feeling.
All I can do is write.
Nothing can sum up all the pain
That I feel this fateful night.

I’ve killed all my emotions
To keep away from you.
It helps me cope with all the hurt
To know that my life’s not through.

I put up with all the bullsh*t.
I tolerate the hate.
If I only had one wish
It would be to find a mate.

The music has died once again.
As I sit here and close my eyes
A lonely tear runs down my face
To hide my ugly disguise.

I wish that I could tell you.
Is that too much to ask?
I wish that I could get a hug
One that I hope would last.