UnDeR tHe BrIdGe

By: NinoFrancis Orille

My dearest love, as I sit here writing,
waiting to go to work.
I close my eyes and wish for our future.
I love you so, so, so much,
I really don't know where to start.
Your face, how you treat me, your love for me,
Which melts me down within.
I sit here alone inside my car
Right under the bridge
Wishing you were here with me;
Wishing you were right here in my arms-
Looking at the river with me.
It's so beautiful but I know
I'd rather look at you.
I just wish you were here with me,
Especially inside the car with me,
Under the bridge, listening to the radio-
Alone with me...

I love u Ruby... 4alwayz