By: WoundedHeart

A dark thunderclound hovers above me
full of anger, pain, and sadness
I try to run and find shelter
but there is none in sight.

Then the rain comes down
so hard and so fast.
I run blindly through the forest,
the vines and thorns grabbing at me.

I see something up ahead, it's shelter!
I run toward it... into a trap
I stumble and fall
into a pit of angry snakes

I try to climb out... to grab an edge...
but the rain is pushing me down.
The pit is half full of water
with the snakes swimming on the surface.

I don't know what to do
I don't know how to swim
The water is up to my chin
I cry, wishing the rain would stop.

It's over my head!
All I see is darkness
I stuggle upward and reach the surface...
gasping for breath

A hand is held out to me
I reach for it... so glad it's helping me
But then the hand starts pushing me
Pushing my head back under the water.

Why, I wonder, did the hand betray me?
I trusted it... I thought it would help me...
Why, I scream silently?
Why, I scream again
....as blackness engulfs me.