Concrete Tears

By: Steve Soskin

I walk the concrete streets with tears
Memories ripped inside out
erased and gone
Street rhythms tatooing in my soul
My eyelids shutter as streetscenes
imprint upon my mind.

I walk the streets alone again
except for the tears as my companions
For sharing the tableaux with you
is my desire

To walk the concrete streets in joy,
arms entwined
Partaking of the city beat
our souls synchronized to its pace

I walk the concrete streets anew
alone no more
For I am renewed
imbued with your spirit
Replacing the pain of past purgatories
with a dance of destiny.

I walked the concrete streets with tears
and proven false memories
juggled images of past perogatives awry
but now with you
We can slow dance to the concrete street harmony
made by us.