i wish

By: aileen vacao

i wish i could take back
take back what i did to u
take back what i told ya
take back saying bye to u
but it's too late
da jealousy got da both of us
ya should have knew
that no matter what
i wouldn' ever
cheat on u
i hope ya know that
but ya shouldn't have lied to me
ya should have let me know
know that it wasn't true
ya had ur chance
and i had mine
we never touched
we never kissed
i only wanted to be with u
was that so wrong?
i only wanted to kiss u
was that so wrong?
we never had time for each other
and that was our fault
but i tried to find ways to be with ya
i didn't care if
i seemed like i was
dissin everyone but all i wanted was U
and i never got ya
if only i could turn back time
to da days when u were mine
i would make everything right
so now i'm gonna ask ya
ya wanna go from where we left off
and see where this goes or do ya wanna
leave it in da closet?
it's up to ya
and don't lie

to *AJ*