My Dream Girl

By: Jeffrey Henry Curtis

Who knew my heart would be so easy to capture?
Her beautiful blonde hair, her beautiful eyes of azure,
Her soft delicate hands, her wonderful precious heart,
And her glowing warm smile, all make my heart dart.

I am willing to give up everything for you.
I would then have my everything, you, my love so true.
I dream about the thought of us, but now I can only wish.
Someday I will have you; a day I will forever cherish.

The day we meet, is the day we'll be joined forever.
I feel that your heart and mine have joined together.
I'll hold you tight in my arms, from that point on,
For whatever you have done, my heart has been drawn.

I love you with all my heart; care about you more than anything.
Anything to listen to your chest; listen to you breathing,
to feel your heart beat fast, all tells me you are beside me.
Someday everything will come together, you and me, turning out
so perfectly.