Last Good-Byes

By: Eleanor Jane Donut

I still hear you laughing,
I still hear your cries,
But now all I remember,
Are our last good-byes.

I wish I'd have said this,
When you were still here,
Then I'd have known you were listening,
Known you were near.

But now you are gone,
This is my last chance,
These are my last words,
On our romance.

I wish I could take back our arguments,
And make it all good,
No one can ever replace you,
No one ever would.

I can't make you realise,
How much I love you,
We had so much more life to live,
So much more to do.

You wished to see the world,
Now you can... where you are,
Your wish has come true,
But heaven is so far.

My wish was to see the stars,
I told you, in our last good-byes,
You granted my every wish,
As I saw them in your eyes.