By: Ken M Ackerman

No matter which direction,
That I turn to for light,
There is always darkness,
And there is always fright.

Scared of what I will not have,
Worried that I will not see,
The dreams that I dream of,
Or the things I wish to be.

No love to give to anyone,
No wife to hold close by.
No smiles to smile,
And no tears to cry.

No emotions grip this heart,
Just darkness holding tight,
Dreaming, hoping, praying,
Just living a life of fright.

Numb to everything,
Yet not wishing to be that way,
Scared of what life will bring,
Scared of my last dying day.

I feel so full of life,
So much love to give,
But the darkness holding me,
Makes fright the life I live.