You're my Best Friend

By: Ashley Ann Bellow

We met back in fourth grade,
Swore to stay best friends,
Buds since way back then,
Best friends till the end.
We've shared cheers and tears,
But stayed buds through the years,
Shared broken hearts,
And boyfriends obsessed with car parts.
Even though we'd rarely understand,
We just couldn't wait to hold their hand.
Through family brawls,
And cramped school halls,
Millions of inside jokes,
Millions of memories,
All the moments with you,
I will forever cherish these.
And although you're so far away
And seem further each and every day,
I wanted you to know
I think of you, too,
And to let you know
That I'll always love you.
You'll always be
My Best Friend,
My Godsister until the end!