Confused Love

By: Abby Renee Brewer

You tell me you love me and would do anything for me in this world,
in the future to be your wife, but for right now your girl.
The things you said, made me happy and also smile,
but as I sit back and watch, you have not said them in a while.

Asking myself, what's going on and how can this be?
Thinking we were the happy couple, wanting to last for eternity.
Maybe doing something wrong along the way,
making him unhappy and not wanting to stay.

We were friends from the start,
but then went as more and said we will never part.
To me it feels that you love and care for someone new,
and they want you just like I do.

So tell me this now and tell me if it's true,
do you really want me to be with you?
Tell me soon so I will know 'til the end,
if you are going to be my lover or just my friend!