Point Of View

By: Sherry Lynn Anderson

I can hear you breathing, breathing down my neck,
Telling me things I don't want to hear,
Grabbing my wrist so I don't slash,
Telling me if I do my whole world would crash,
You tell me this now; I know you will say it again,
Can't you tell I'm sick of it,
I know this is wrong but it feels so right,
You need to let go of my wrist and don't hold so tight,
I can't help it; it makes me feel so good,
Yet you say I can't do it, but inside I know I should,
It helps with my troubles; it takes all the pain away,
It might hurt a bit, but in the end I'll say the same,
I like the sight of my blood; it does something to me inside,
Slashing is the one thing in which I can confide,
In the end I know I'll die, and I'll be the only one to blame,
I'm going to be the only one, who can take my life,
And in the end, through all the tears,
I know inside I will feel no shame.