By: Shannon Michaela Jaworski

I see ribbons of ecstacy
when you're sleeping.
You seduce me in slumber
as you dream beautiful dreams.
Currents of adoration surge through me
as i watch you breathe in peace,
And i synchronize my breaths with yours
in my own awakened dream.

I want to rest with you,
but i am too busy gazing at you
with the deepest of loves.
I bend forward and touch my lips to yours
with the softest of kisses
in the most fantastical fashion.

As i arise you smile as though
it were only a part of your dream.
I watch you rest some more,
until i sit beside you
and hold your gentle hands.
Then i lie beside you
and wrap your warm, relaxed body
in my arms and i close my eyes,
waiting to dream with you.