Suicidal Friend

By: Crystal M Laskowski

You say life's not worth living
And people take more than giving...
You want to end your life before your time;
You're so young, not even in your prime.
I can't really stop you from doing this,
But I do know you would be missed.
I want to help but I'm so far away,
I just want to help you ease your pain.
I want to make you realize this is not the way to go,
You're cared for and loved- more than you know.
I hope you decide to stay a while longer,
Let your heart live and grow a little stronger.
Don't let people push you around and get the best of you,
Because, if you did, they would win and you would lose.
I can't feel your pain or your sorrow,
But, I can pray every night that you'll be here tomorrow.
I'm always here if you ever need someone to talk to,
Or even someone to just be there for you.
For the one last time... I am begging you to stay,
I only wish I knew what else to say.
But if you need anything, just please let me know.
I'll always be right here, praying that you don't go.