By: Jenn Babygurl

it would be a year today
if we were still together
but we're not because of me
i screwed things up
i kissed another man
it's all my fault
i wish i would have never done it
i wish i could turn back time
i would have never kissed Guy
and we would still be together
always and forever
in each other's arms
looking into each other's eyes
saying i love you to each other
every minute of the day
and meaning it
sometimes we're together
in my dreams
kissing each other, like everything's ok
but everything isn't ok
'cause sometimes i start
to think about all the wonderful times we shared
and i break down and cry
wishing you were here
to comfort me
to say everything will be ok
and to say that maybe one day
we'll be together again
but why can't we be together NOW
why can't we be in each other's arms NOW
and kiss each other NOW
but i know why
it's 'cause i beeped up
i ruined our relationship
we would still be together
if i wouldn't have done
such a stupid beeped up thing
it's all my fault
yes, i know
you tell me all the time