In Case You Come Back

By: Heather Marie Bechtold

The sun has stopped shining
And the sky is slate gray.
The flowers won't bloom
Since you've been away.

My garden is withered
And nothing will grow.
The life can't return
Until you do-- I know.

This house, it is rotting,
The windows are cracked,
But it's clean and it's tidy--
In case you come back.

The porch light burned out
So there's no light to see,
But I've kept the walk clear
Just in case you miss me.

The stars flickered out
And the sky has gone black,
But there's a light in my window
In case you come back.

Any spark in my eyes
Died out weeks ago,
And my heart turned to ashes--
I thought you should know.

But I've left one door open
For you to come in
In case you should choose
To come love me again.