Your Eyes

By: Destoni

A look into your eyes is pure ecstasy.
It delivers my subconscious to that blissful paradise
Found within my heart.

A look into your eyes
Is a look into the darkness of the night;
Unknown and unexpecting.

Yet, a look into your dark pools of infinity
Bestow upon me a sweet sense of tranquility and passion.
Feelings of desire overcome my own self-existence.

A look into your eyes engulfs me
In a fantasy where you and I are ceaselessly
In love
And quarantined from all the evil
And malicious ways of humanity.

All resistance disintegrates
As we immerse ourselves into each other's actuality.
I drift away in a sea of twilight
As you slowly and voluptuously seduce me
Through a maze of sensorial entanglement
That leaves me gasping (for an opportunity
To re-meditate the situation)

But then,
I look deeply into your eyes
And I know the love I feel for you
Isn't going to disappear.

It is destined to go on and fulfill my every wish.
And I do believe
With all of my heart,
Loving you is a resolution that I can savor.

So when I look into your eyes,
I remind myself how much I am truly
In love with you.