Think of me

By: Daphne Ellen Rankin

Consider my feelings.
Though they may not mean much to you, now.
Give them some thought.

Think of me when all the world turns against you,
And your only friend is just a word away
From being your enemy.
Think then of my love.
Think of me when the cold years enclose you,
And keep you from being your own man.
Think then of my warmth.
Think of me when you are lied to and tried
For wrongs you didn't commit.
Think then of my faithfulness.
Think of me when the world turns ugly
By the hands of your fellow man.
Think then of my inner beauty.
Think of me when men kill to survive
In the world you so desperately need.
Think then of my morals.
Don't ban me from being a woman in love,
But stop me from letting you run into your world alone.
Make me a part of your world, to help you survive.
Don't just think of me,
Be with me.