By: christy ann matthieu

How do you say goodbye
To the one with whom you wish to stay?
How can you save yourself
From all the hurt and pain?

How are you supposed
To forget the memories and thoughts?
How can you comprehend that what you had
Is now what you have lost!?

How can you smile at him,
Without shedding tears?
Didn’t he know losing him
Was my biggest fear?

How can I face the truth,
When it’s not what I want to hear?
I can’t just give it up.
He was just too dear!

My life went from perfect,
To not even worth living.
Although I wanted to love you,
You wanted me to quit giving!

I thought we were perfect,
But you needed to “clear your mind,”
But I still can’t believe
You just left me behind!

Without an explanation,
You took off and ran.
Now you won’t explain it,
How am I to understand?

I'm sick of the nights
Where I can only cry myself to sleep!
Without you in my life,
I feel so mild, so weak!

Was I just a “thing”
You kept around for flings?
It’s not fair,
I’m the only one crying!

I’m the one suffering,
I’m the one in pain!
I'm the one
Who is basically to blame!

I’m the one who loved you,
And still will until I die.
I’m the one that was your shoulder,
When you began to cry!

I'm the one that fed you
When you had nothing to eat.
I’m the one that gave you water
When you needed a drink!

I’m the one that suffered
Just to be with you.
But now I'm the one that’s crying
And trying to figure out what to do!

I'm the one that takes you back,
Even though you left my side.
I'm the one you come running to
When you get left behind!

I'm the one that listens
As you tell me of your hurt!
I'm the one who listens to your hurting
Or anythig of the sort!

I'm the one that loved you
From the very start!
The first time we kissed,
You had the key to my heart!

The second you gazed
Deep into my eyes,
I was filled with this passion,
Too intense to describe.

The way you touched my hand,
And spoke those 3 words to me,
It just meant so much,
Why can't you see?

Now I’m alone,
While you get your mind straight.
But just know, I'll wait
However long it takes!