A Final Plea

By: Kristine Nichole McGuire

Why are you doing this to me--
don't you know how much this is hurting?
How could you not?
Why can't you see?

For you to shove me away
and pretend I don't exist,
it hurts me more than words could say.
I wish you could see.

Stay here with me
and be my loving boyfriend.
I wish you could do that;
Can I make you see?

Do you even wonder about my feelings?
I hope you do--
considering what we are, and what we could be.
You should see me right now.

You should see how your actions--
or lack thereof--
can hurt somebody,
especially today, my birthday.

What you didn't do
really hurt me.
I'm very sensitive,
and I expected you knew.

Is it so hard?
I thought boyfriends were supposed to know--
being loving, comforting, supportive, respectful.
Don't you know?

You've been a boyfriend before;
you treated her with respect.
What makes me so different?
I wish I could see.