The Only Love

By: justin thoms

The girl of my dreams
I saw at age 15
She was as hot as can be
Almost fell to my knees

Her friends tell me things
That I could not believe
I hear she likes me
Then I forget to breathe

But do not forget she is as sweet as can be
She is so beautifull
This girl I know
Is the nicest one I will ever meet

I go to sleep with her in my mind
I get chills down my spine
Hopefully one day
This girl will be mine.

I call her on the phone
But she is not home
I wonder where she is
The girl I don't want to miss

Her with that smile
And a voice that took me
Places I thought only in
Dreams I could see.

I love to be with her
No matter the time
Hopefully one day
She will be mine!

Maybe this girl will
Finally see
That the right one for her
Is only me!!

BY: Justin