Regular Martini

By: Seifer Strife

As I lie awake tonight
I think of the twinkle in your eye
I want you more
than I want to be alive
I think of your perfect smile
for which I'd walk 500 miles

As I lie awake tonight
I look at the twinkle in the stars
they're just like you
it's just they seem so far-
away but they can't contend
with the natural beauty you send

I know that I'm just your friend
will this endless wait ever end?
It seems like yesterday held apathy
now look at what you've done to me

If you come...I'll be here
what will it take for us to want the same?
I love your essence and I need you here
I'd do anything for you
oh dream- please come true

kissing you left me
shaken, and stirred