Not thinking

By: Missy Ann Bunch

Not thinking
The day proceeds and seems so long,
Everyone constantly asking, "Missy, what's wrong?"
I sit here alone with the urge to cry,
Although I can't explain just why.
My tears develop, as do my cries,
I just can't believe I fell for your lies.
I hate when it comes out of nowhere like this,
I just sit in class and think of your kiss.
I see you so happy, around at school,
I look at you and smile, trying to act cool.
I gave you my trust not thinking you bruise it,
I gave you my hope, not thinking you'd lose it.
I gave you my love, not thinking you'd forsake it,
I gave you my charisma, not thinking you'd shake it.
I gave you my faith, not thinking you'd drop it,
I gave you our relationship, not thinking you'd stop it.
I don't know how much longer I can take it.
I gave you my heart, not thinking you'd break it.