He say... She say...

By: Nyla S. Funderburk

When I heard you were cheating,
I didn't know what to do.
So, I listened to my friends,
and soon broke up with you.

They said it was over,
and that it was for the better.
So, I took out a pen and paper,
and wrote a two page letter.

I wrote down all my thoughts,
my questions and my replies.
But, after all was said and done,
I found it all to be lies.

They said it was well written,
and that I finally got a clue.
That you weren't anyone special,
and I didn't need you.

But, I guess while we were together,
your feelings started to creep.
Because after we had broken up,
You said you'd fell in too deep.

I tried not to care,
I didn't know what love could do.
But, when you tried to communicate,
I sarted avoiding you.

So, now that I've thought about it,
as I look around and stare.
I'm constantly thinking about you,
and I've actually started to care.

My mind and heart agreed on it,
and both gave me a hard shove.
They finally decided you were the one,
that I finally, really love.

But, now as I think about it,
I slowly start to cry.
Because along with our relationship,
your love just sorta died.

I had to give up my one and only love,
My first one and my last.
And now with just a broken heart,
our love is in the past.

But, I know I'll learn from my mistakes,
so this has no definite ends.
But, I know I shouldn't have listened,
to my "He say - She say," friends.

Dedicated to my one and only,
Armon S. C.